FMBB statutes update

Notice to all delegates FMBB members/Clubs/Countries, you received two emails with instructions to vote for the updated FMBB statutes. The vote opened on Sunday 31.08.2020 and will close at noon on 04.09.2020.

Please don’t forget to cast your vote !!

It is necessary that all voting members do this !!
If you do not find the email (also check your spam box), send me an email. Then I will send you the necessary information to be able to vote.

04.08.2020 – 19h.00
Annual Members meeting

The annual general members meeting will take place on 04.08.2020 at 7:00 pm.
This year, due to Covid-19, exceptionally online via Zoom meeting.

The meeting is only accessible for the club and/or country representatives.
This is arranged by the secretary who provides all necessary information personally.

All minutes of these meetings, also of the previous years, are available on our website. To read them you must be logged in to our website and have the appropriate rights.

Geert Bouckaert
FMBB Secretary
Registration fee refunds World Championship 2020.
To all participants or teams who have already paid the participation fee and have not yet been refunded.
Please contact Mr. René Rauwel by email (
Place Mrs. Marie-France Varlet in cc. please (
Geert Bouckaert
FMBB Secretary

FMBB 2021 World Championship intro…

The FMBB 2021 website you can find here.

The FMBB 2021 Facebook page you can find here.